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Speriamo che anche questo.”.Questo è già diventato il vostro maggior successo. A cosa credete sia dovuto?Interviene Jeff Bridges: “Beh, è facile: i Coen sono dei maestri, e adesso dopo che i festival europei hanno fatto molto per farli conoscere se ne è accorto anche il grande pubblico”.I dialoghi a volte sono molto difficili, pieni di risonanze anche misteriose, di riferimenti biblici. Come è stato affrontarlo?Risponde ancora Bridges: “Non è stato semplice, lo confesso.

It was evocative of the hour that Gonzlez and other survivors waited at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day to hear whether their friends were still alive.”No one knew that the people who were missing had stopped breathing long before any of us even knew that a code red had been called,” she told tens of thousands of people who had been rallying near the National Mall for several hours during a short speech.Then, she named the 17 who died, briefly described what they could never do again, and abruptly stopped speaking, staring into the crowd for the remainder. She would occasionally sniffle or cry, breathing into the microphone while maintaining the same determined expression that became iconic of the resistance that rose from Parkland’s pain.Parents held their children, who cradled their heads into their parents’ necks, students cried with each other, and some chanted, “Never again,” echoing a hashtag that Gonzlez’s movement has created, but for the majority of the time the crowd waited with her.Singer Andra Day along with students from the Baltimore middle school Cardinal Shehan kicked it off the event singing “Rise Up” as the crowd danced.Co organizer Cameron Kasky was the first survivor to address the crowd about three hours ahead of Gonzlez, warning politicians to, “Stand for us or beware. The voters are coming.”Gonzlez and Kasky were among five leaders of the movement featured on the cover of Time Magazine this week.The survivors’ plight and ability to express it has resonated with people around the country and world, evoking international support that has been compared to Vietnam War era resistance.

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